The mine rescue association of zimbabwe

The mine rescue

association of zimbabwe

The Mine Rescue Association has been in existence since around 1973. Its mandate is to coordinate mine rescue activities in the country. The work of the association is coordinated through the Mine Rescue Working party. This working party brings together the Chairman appointed by the Association of Mine Managers of Zimbabwe, zone coordinators, the national trained, the national coordinator, a representative of the Chamber of Mines and a committee member.

The mandate of the working party is to organise and coordinate activities of the association to ensure that the teams are at all times in conditions to undertake rescues in irrespirable foul atmospheres. The decision to have a mine rescue team rests with the authority of ach operation. Mines that are at risk of underground fires are encouraged to operate mine rescue teams. The Mine Rescue Association of Zimbabwe is organised as follows:

  1. i.North Zone: Trojan Mine, Redwing Mine

  2. ii.Central Zone: ZIMPLATS Ngezi, ZIMASCO Shurugwi

  3. iii.South Zone : Renco Mine, Gaths Mine, Mimosa Mine

  4. iv.West Zone : Hwange Colliery 1, Hwange Colliery 2, How Mine