Governance and the structure of the Chamber

Governance and the structure of the Chamber

In line with its Constitution, the Council is the supreme authority of the Chamber whose functions are delegated through Executive Committee headed by the President. The implementation organ is the Chamber Secretariat headed by the Chief Executive Officer, who is assisted by various managers/ head of departments.

The activities of ‘the Chamber’ are concentrated in the fields of mining and economic policy advocacy, investment promotion, labour and industrial relations management, research on legal matters related to mining and promoting health and safety, environmental protection, and the support to mining associations activities.



The current office bearers consists of the following:

President: T, Gono
Vice President: J. Musekiwa
Vice President: M. Shava
CEO: I.Kwesu


The COMZ policy dialogue is driven by the Secretariat through committees, which provide the platform for members to contribute ideas that influence policies on mining and the economy in general.

Currently the active committees of the Chamber and their chairpersons are:

Economic Committee : C.Chibafa
Gold Producer Committee: Q.Nkomo
Platinum Producers’ Committee: A.Mhembere
Joint Suppliers and Purchasers Committee (JSP): A.Mhembere
Labour Committee: J. Musekiwa
Electricity and Power Development Committee: J.Musekiwa
Legal Committee: P.Mangwengwende
Finance Committee: F.Makoni
Indigenisation Committee: M.Shava
SHE Committee: K.Chiota
Coal Producers Committee: L.Masarira
Lithium Producers Committee : P.Chimbodza
The Chamber of Mines Secretariat

Currently the Chamber of Mines Secretariat is as follows:

Chief Executive Officer : Isaac Kwesu
Senior Executive & Manpower Resource Advisor : (vacant)
Technical Affairs Manager : David Matyanga
Economics, policy & investment promotions Manager : Pardon Chitsuro
Finance Officer : Annatolia Chimunye